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The Nationalism Experience
Tim Firth - Manchester Olympic Song
The Etiquette Experience
Mark Thomas - Gay priests/Ambulance dispute/Channel tunnel/Kings Cross/Mutant sperm
Vox pops - 'What do you like to listen to on the radio?' (1)
Tim Firth - 'We All Know A Story'
Punchline Competition: Whiteman Cup
Video recorders
Donna MacPhail - Fashion
More vox pops 'What do you listen to on the radio?' (2)
Towering Epic Saga (Part 3)
Credits ('Rob Newman is currently appearing in some first year's bedroom, I expect...'). Additional cast: Mark Thomas, Donna MacPhail, Nick Hancock, Tim Firth; Sound: Martha Knight; Note (1): Audience shout 'Picture this' intro, following 'Sex kitten swamp bitches' cue from Thomas; Note (2): Rob Newman absent (except on vox pops tapes); Note (3): Nick Hancock and Donna MacPhail's final appearance.


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