Dane Cook has been accused of stealing Louie CK jokes in the past. If the two have a problem with each other they have seemed to have worked it out as Dane Cook appeared on Louie show discussing the whole joke stealing debacle. If Louie had a problem with Dane I'm sure he would have given his side of the story a better go and ended up looking like less of an asshole.

The whole piece reminds me a bit of what Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon did in A Cock and Bull Story and more recently The Trip where the line between the actors and a meta version of themselves starts to blur.

The Guys over at [The Comics Comic]( have done the hard work and transcribed the whole exchange. > LCK: Um, I need to ask you for a favor. > > DC: This should be, uh, that's really something. OK. > > LCK: Look, I know that, um. > > DC: Um what? > > LCK: I have a daughter > > DC: What can I do for you? > > LCK: I have a daughter, she just turned 10, she had a birthday. She > wants to go see Lady Gaga. > > DC: Lady Gaga. Awesome. > > LCK: And I know you have the same promoter as her. > > DC: Yeah. > > LCK: So I was hoping that you could help get her tickets, for > her birthday. > > DC: I could totally do that for you. Easily. I know Lady Gaga. > > LCK: You do? > > DC: And, yeah. I could get you tickets, backstage, and I could help > you make your daughter very very happy. All you have to do is go on > YouTube and tell everybody I did not steal your material. > > LCK: I never said that you stole my material... > > DC: You never said it. But you let other people say it. > > LCK: What let? I can't tell other people what to say! > > DC: You're full of shit! > > LCK: Dane, look. > > DC: You know what? I'm excited that you're in this room right now, > because I have waited four years to tell you this. You know the year > 2000 and 6? > > LCK: 2000 and 6? > > DC: Yes. 2000 and 6. > > LCK: You don't really say 2000 and 6. It's 2006. 2000 and 6 is like > saying the year 2000 and by the way the number 6. > > DC: 2000 AND 6 was the greatest year of my entire life. I had a > double-platinum comedy album, first one ever to exist. I had a massive > HBO special. I was on the cover of TIME. > > LCK: Well, you on the corner. The little corner thing. It's not like > when the president is on the cover. > > DC: 2000 and 6. That should have been like my triumph, and I enjoyed > it, Louis, for maybe two months. Two months before it started to suck, > because everything I read about me was about how I stole jokes from > you, which I didn't. > > LCK: I kinda think you did. > > DC: Dude! Why would I steal three jokes from you when I have hours of > material. Why? Why! Why would I do that? Risk my reputation! > > LCK: Cause they were funny jokes. > > DC: You know what, Louis? You know what the biggest lie in the world > is, is that I'm a rock star, I'm a millionaire, I'm a comedy behemoth, > and you're like a comic's comic. And you're an inside joke guy. And > I'm a sell-out. And, and, and I sold my soul. And you have, and you > have artistic integrity. And you're a good guy. We're in this room, > right now, you and me. You're looking at me. You let your name be used > to hurt me. And now you're sitting here asking me to use my fame to > get you tickets to Lady Gaga? I mean, how shitty do you feel right > now? > > LCK: Very > > DC: So you admit that this is all bullshit. > > LCK: You wanna know what I think? I don't think that you saw me do > those jokes and said I'm going to tell those jokes, too. I don't think > there's a world where you're that stupid. Or that bad a guy. I, I do > think, though, that you're like -- you're like a machine of success. > You're like a rocket. You're rocketing to the stars, and your engines > are sucking stuff up. Stuff is getting sucked up in your engines, like > birds and bugs and some of my jokes. I think you saw me do them. I > know you saw me do them, and I think they just went in your brain, and > I don't think you meant to do it, but I don't think you stopped > yourself, either. And that's why I never felt the need to help you not > be hated by a lot of people. But I feel bad. I mean I do. I feel bad. > > DC: That's great. I mean, that you feel bad, right here, in this room, > just the two of us, alone. Maybe if you felt bad publicly, on the > Internet, then this could all be behind us. > > LCK: Well, are you willing to admit that even for a minute, that maybe > you inadvertently took them, or some, maybe you had some part of it, > maybe they got in your brain, you shat them out. Maybe it was > inadvertent, but maybe it did happen. I shouldn't have come here. > > DC: Louis. Do you want the tickets? Because I'm sure that, honestly, I > think that your daughter, I bet she's really nice. But you have a lot > of nerve coming in here. I mean, I don't know what it's like. I don't > have kids, so I don't get it. But it must mean a lot for you to come > in here and do this, so, you want the tickets? > > LCK: Thank you. Yes. I'd like the tickets. > > DC: How many? > > LCK: Two, please. > > DC: You got it. Hmm-mm. OK. > > LCK: Thank you. I appreciate it a lot. Seriously. > > DC: The one thing that, like, really just, gets to me, is the whole > thing about people saying that I stole the joke about the itchy > asshole. Because I get an itchy asshole. a lot. So for you to think > you're the only person who got an itchy asshole in America? I mean, > that's bullshit. > > LCK: You should try natural laundry detergent. > > DC: What?...Your daughter is 10? > > LCK: Yeah. > > DC: Why are you getting her tickets? > > LCK: What do you mean? > > DC: She's 10. I mean, I remember being 10. An envelope when you're 10 > is, that's a bummer. You know, when you're a kid, you want like a box. > Why didn't you go get her something? Get her something like a gift > that you found, from her daddy. You know? A box is exciting. An > envelope is, you know. > > LCK: Shit. And Here is what [Sean L MacCarthy](, who posted the above content said that Dane Cook told him back in the summer of 2007... > I will say, Louis CK, I wrote Louis CK a letter. Louis CK wrote me a > letter. I’m cool with Louis CK now. We hung out backstage at Comics > Come Home, and I think we have a nice rapport. Do I think it sucks > that I had to go through that rocky time, and having people saying > that? Yeah. But it was going to happen, from somewhere somehow. > There’s too much good happening to me, somebody had to come and blast > me from somewhere. I told my family ‘Get ready, because it’s my turn > to take some shots.’" > > "But Louis CK is a great comic, and again, I’ve never spoken to this > but, about those premises, some of those things were things I’d been > doing for years. And certain people would come to me and go, ‘You were > doing that in New York City too after that guy got hit by the car. > What if he took it from you and put it on his CD?’ Never. Because I > can look and say, if 10 comics watched a guy get hit by a car out > here, right now, seven of them might go onstage that night and talk > about the observational humor that they had. How many people have > probably talked about it? It just happened that Louis and I had some > parallel thinking. And when I look and go, maybe one night at the > Cellar, he absorbed? No. I’m not going to go and blame him or say that > at all, because I think he’s a great comic, and a great guy. ***And I > hope to work with Louis CK on something someday. I hope we can put > this behind us and actually do something good for the benefit of > comedy. I mean, he’s a good guy***. (emphasis now added) > > I saw another guy earlier this year who did essentially the same bit > with the naming the kids strange sounds, and he did it for his *Live > at Gotham* set for Comedy Central. “I know the guy that you’re talking > about, because I remember people talking about it. > > And I wondered why would you do that when that’s one of the bits that > people claim you’ve stolen from CK? “What’s going on? Right. But I’ll > tell you who else did that bit. Steve Martin. And Louis loves Steve > Martin, and I love Steve Martin. Now would I say, ‘Louis you stole > that bit from Steve Martin?’ No! Absolutely not. And that’s one of > these three little pieces of things, again. Just, I’ll say to anybody, > you really want to know the truth? If you want to just hate me for the > sake of hating me, you want to jump on this? Well, you’ve got a good > excuse. But if you really want to know the real deal, listen to > 'Harmful (When Swallowed),' listen to 'Retaliation,' watch Vicious and > go, ‘Who the hell else is doing this B-and-E thing?’ My comedy is my > thing. I have my own unique spin that I put on stuff. You can’t look > at one little piece of something without looking at the whole thing.


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